Red Run History

Just to the south east, and the outside the protected fence line of Red Run Storage, lies the "Red Run" drainage ditch, a man-modified creek that at one time played an important role in the area's economic ecosystem.

Not only was the run used to transporting goods to from one area to another, but it was the location of a battle for land ownership during the expansion of Detroit in the 1700's.

Sometimes referred to as "Red Run Creek", a historical sign posted reads "Only 10 miles from French Fort Detroit (1701), it took 100 years before settlers reached Warren. The Red Run Creek, a branch of the Clinton River was the means that the early pioneers followed by canoe ... at the time, this territory was nothing but a marsh and the Red Run Creek and other similar waterways provided the drain outlets to dry the land and open the area for forrestry and farming."

Red Run Creek

Red Run Drain Construction
During the second half of the 1700's, history books tell us that near this site the British and local Indians fought a fierce battle during Chief Pontiac's uprising. As soldiers crossed the creek, the Indians launched a surprise attach which devasted the British. Some sixty British soldiers were killed and the creek became known as the
"Red Run" from the bloodshed of the battle.

In more recent years, prior to the 1980's, the Red Run Storage property served as home to the "Red Run Earth Supplies". Much of the actual Red Run was eventually converted to a covered drain and still exists today.

Red Run Storage opened its doors in 1985 and is still run by the same family members as it did back then. Thousands of people have made Red Run Storage their second home for stored boats, trailers, and recreational vehicles.

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